Ellektra Ltd.
Listen, Talk, Design,

Careful, Open, Precise, Swift.

We’re a nice bunch of people from all over Europe, who are deeply into

creating modern, state of the art UX and apps for digital devices.
A Great App Needs To Be Simple,

Beautiful, and Work Just Fine.

This is paramount; otherwise your clients won’t use it, like it, or buy it.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Fortunately, we can help.
Our Clients, in
Alphabetical Order:


We’re small, so we only have a few. But some of them are quite big indeed.

What we’ve done for them and who they are? We’ll gladly tell you personally.
To Make Sure We Match,

We Should Go on a Date.

Just write to hello@ellektra.com and Roger will set up lunch.

We promise not to waste your time.