Interface and UX Design.
App Development.

This is what we do. The company is Ellektra
and we're based in Zürich, Switzerland.
Three things are paramount to our work.
In fact, we care about them like mad men.

If it's simple, people use it.

The User Experience
If it's beautiful, they like it.

If it's good, it gets bought.
We'll gladly tell you who our
clients are.
Some are small, some are quite big indeed.

We spend a huge amount of time on a project,
so between us, it needs to click. In turn, your
audience will buy into your product.

We're not into gaming, so we don't do games.
Every other kind of challenge is very welcome.
James Park of JPA Design, a company which
creates award winning first and business class
airplane seats, once put it this way:

A good seat doesn't show you everything it's
got in the first ten minutes. It surprises you
during the flight, and lets you discover things

you weren't expecting.

We strive to build products in that spirit.
What makes us flexible is our size and mindset:
we're a handful of people who like to solve puzzles.
Some say that we're nice and sociable, too.

So how about lunch or a drink? It's on us.